Specialisations of the Grande Ecole Programme

12 specialisations to help you find your way

The Grande École Programme of SCBS has doubled the number of 3rd year specialisations... Find out about them!

MSc. in Innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship

This dual degree combines engineering, design and management in partnership with the EPF. More information on www.master-innovation.study-in-champagne.com.

Marketing & Sales Management

Explore your sales potential with this curriculum, which will take you to the upper levels of the sales and marketing domains. The objective is to train you in managing and challenging a sales team !

Digital Marketing & Social Media 

For all digital natives ! This full english track focuses on communication, digital marketing and social medias. Internet transformed companies and opened new markets. Belong to those identify and steer towards new trends !

Event & Sport Marketing

Ready to be part of sport-business ? Learn about communication and sports events, sponsoring and sport project management !

Corporate Finance Management

Explore financial processes and learn about norms, regulations and evaluate financial healt of compagnies. You will be able to build strategic choices, find new fundings and develop investments !

Luxury Product Marketing

The luxury sector is a very specific field. This industry needs specialised professionals! With this specialisation, you will become luxury experts so you can develop customised marketing strategies.

Design Strategy Management

Through this program you will experiment the perfect match between design and management. The classes cover all fields of design in the wider sense, thanks to a cross-curricular approach. You will discover sectors as diverse as industry, brand communication, design of company environment, design of services and all around design project management.

Managing Organizations in a Digital World

New forms of work organization emerged with digital ! Business Models, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy, all evovled. This specialization aims to form executives able to take up the challenge of this new world. Help companies on the move to digital technology !

Supply Chain Management

Become the main contact point upstream and downstream of the production process. The purchasing and supply chain sectors will be your playground.

Audit & Management Control

Making informed strategic guidance decisions, searching for funds, developing investments... These are some of the skills you will master with this specialisation!

Marketing & International Business Development

Use the diversity of cultures and profiles to develop and promote a brand on the international stage but also manage multicultural teams.

Global Human Resources Management

Prepare and develop the international business of your mobility policy. In search of new talent abroad to support to employees outside of our borders, the skills required are manifold.