Work experience

At least 10 months' work experience

Whether in 2nd or 3rd year, our students enjoy multiple work placements!

2nd year

3 months’ optional work experience

Optional depending on your curriculum, it is an opportunity to apply the business management methods learned in class. More independent, with more ambitious assignments, this work experience in France or abroad will allow you to gain better access to the professional world. (1 to 3 months)

3rd year

6 months' work experience at the end of the curriculum

This final work experience gives our students a comprehensive view and a competitive vision of the company, its market and its environment.

For the students who did not spend an academic semester abroad, this work experience must be abroad.

Transition year (optional): up to 2 periods of 12 months

3 formats are available: transition year in a company, academic transition year or combined transition year.

  • The transition year in a company is designed to develop a long-term project by becoming a major member of the company.
  • The academic transition year allows you to broaden or consolidate your skills while working towards your personal goals.
  • Finally, the combined transition year is a unique opportunity to acquire dual academic and professional skills, while making the most of the teaching team's support. More than just enhancing your CV, this is an indispensable experience for excellent professional integration!

It should be noted that the transition year can be taken between the 1st and the 2nd year and/or between the 2nd and the 3rd year for a minimum period of 10 months per year, including 6 within the same company.